Intent Based Leads

We drive over 100,000+ qualified & Actional business leads for the largest Advertisers in the U.S. each quarter.


A better way to start building.

Intent Based Leads

Intent Data is based on Only Targeting the Precise Clients & and Identifying if they have intent to Purchase and are Interested in Engaging.

Display Advertising

Owner of 20 plus high traffic sites with a Partner Network over 100,000 more. Reach Millions with efficient CPM or CPC pricing.

Audience with Scale

We Leverage our Data for Targeting and our B2B Brands to Reach the Audience with Global Scale in over 50 Countries.


A Data company with over with 80M Global Businesses and 300 Million Executives

TechNewsPublisher is part of SaleSpider Media Inc which is a Data company which includes over 80M Global Businesses and 300 Million Executives. We leverage this data to collect OPT-IN leads from Key Business Decision Makers who Raise their Hands & Show Intent to Purchase on behalf of our clients.

We also run geofenced advertising to specific executives by title and location with rooftop targeting to ensure maximum return on ad spend. We fill the marketing and sales pipelines of our customers.

We operate in over 50 countries with 100% Privacy Compliance delivering over 100,000 qualified leads a quarter!